Why is My Giveaway No Activated/ Invalid? And How to Activate it?

Upon creating a giveaway, if users are unable to participate or there is a red prompt as shown below, then your giveaway has not been activated.

Why is it not activated?

The reason is you created a Twitter interaction task with Not Tweeted Yet Status.

Difference between Already tweeted and Not tweeted yet

  • Already tweeted: Participants will interact with your tweets that you have already tweeted before you create this giveaway. You need to enter the URL of this tweet to allow users to complete tasks.
Not tweeted yet: It is necessary to post a tweet with the specific giveaway code to target your Twitter tasks so that your giveaway can be completed and activated.

How to activate mu giveaway

You can follow the steps to Tweet and activate it after creating the giveaway:
After creating your giveaway, click Tweet Now button. Alternatively, click Activate Now button on dashboard
To ensure that the giveaway will work, you must include the giveaway link and giveaway code as shown below.