Why Does it Show that I Have not Completed the Task Even Though I Have done it

There could be several reasons why it may appear that you still need to complete a task on even though you have done it. Here are a few possible reasons:
  • Multiple Participation: A giveaway account that has already participated in a particular giveaway cannot participate again in that same giveaway. Also, a social media account that has already done a task cannot verify again even though the giveaway account you log in is different. In other words, the same account (giveaway account or social media account) cannot enter the same giveaway multiple times.
  • Delayed updates: Sometimes, it takes a while for the website to update your completed task status, especially if many users participate in the giveaway.
  • Technical issues: The website may have technical issues that prevent the task completion status from updating correctly. In this case, you can clear your browser cache and cookies or use a different browser.
  • Not following instructions: It's also possible that you missed a step or did not follow the instructions correctly, resulting in the task not being marked as completed.
  • Task requirements: The task may have specific requirements you have not fulfilled, such as completing it within a specific time frame or using a specific link.
If you have completed the task, but it's still not showing up as completed, you can contact the customer support for assistance.